Currently in Japan, it is:

27 September 2009


i checked on the VS Arashi official site n found out that the new show time will be on October 22 (thursday), starting from 7pm (japanese time, of course) on Fuji TV and that the 1st episode is going to 2 hours long!!!! (hooray~~~)

the site didn't mention whether the episodes after the "season premiere" (i guess that's what i should refer it to...) will be that time as well. either that, or it did, but i missed it (sadly, i don't speak japanese...). so, if anyone would like to make sure for him/herself, go check out the VS Arashi official website.

now, since i live in california n i always try to catch the ARASHI shows as they broadcast in japan, i've already calculated the time. the airing date and time of the next VS Arashi episode will be on October 22 (thursday), starting from 3am (pacific time zone).

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