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30 August 2009

Jun-Jun, Happy Birthday!!!!

yay~~~ our Jun-Jun has finally become 26!!!!!
our beloved King of DoS~~~ <3


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26 August 2009

so then, 1st things 1st

***well, what do y'all know? these videos have been removed due to copyright violations!! DX (i actually wasn't too surprised...)

in this episode of Arashi no Shukudaikun, the guests were asked which ARASHI members they like best.

*OHNO FANS ALERT!!! you'll be angered (like i was) to see that our beloved Riida being pushed around!!!!*

i don't know if it's just me or what, but it seems older women like Nino and Matsujun more than the others... of course, Oh-chan takes up 90% of my love for ARASHI ;)

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it got me thinking...

hmmm... i really wonder how i got this far... i was only looking for a picture of riida during his take me faraway live... n then... link after link n i came across a fangirl's blog. gotta say, i thought i was head over heels over them, but this girl.... MAN! XD

so then, it got me thinking: y not talk about my thoughts on them??? of course, while keeping track of all arashi updates ;)

ps. i luv u, oh-chan!! <3

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