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29 August 2010

お誕生日おめでとう,潤くん!!! (JP Time)

DoS is finally 27 years old now~~~ :D

Happy Birthday, Prince(ss) Jun! *<|:0Dx

20 August 2010

Arashi 10-11 "Scene"~君と僕の見ている風景 Tour


The first show of ARASHI's 10-11 "Scene"~君と僕の見ている風景 Tour will be starting in a few hours in Kokuritsu National Stadium~~

The merchandise are already on ebay!

I wish I were there D:

17 August 2010

Nino's new drama :)

It's comfirmed that Nino's new drama with Karina, "Freeter Ie wo Kau", will air in October.

09 August 2010

A short update / quick run-down of recent events

So so sooooo~

Boku no Miteiru Fuukei has been out for 5 days. To put it simply, the songs are just too awesome. Arashi has a very different singing style this time. The album includes a solo by each member. Many LJ users have already posted download links for the entire album on their blog, but I still encourage everyone to purchasethe album to supposrt our boys and, well, just because it's awesome :)

Also, as most of us already know, Jun-kun is playing in a new drama now ("Natsu no Koi") and the theme song is "Love Rainbow" by Arashi. Therefore, our boys will be having another single out soon in September. (whoot~~)

That's all the updates for today! Sorry I haven't updated in so long (again)!

以上、フィオン でした。 :)