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25 November 2009

誕生日おめでとう, 大野さん!!! (jap time)


i spent quite a few hours last night (well more like early early early this morning) putting a few pics n clips together and made my 1st fanvid ever for Ohno-kun, my ichiban <3 it was definitely worth the time!!!!

i shall never believe that he is anywhere near 30!!!!! he just keeps getting younger and younger!!!!! <3<3<3

so, anyways,

24 November 2009


it's just 2 days away from Oh-chan's 29th birthday ne~~~~ <3<3<3<3<3
i'm thinking about doing a fanvid for the occasion, but since i haven't started yet i think it's gonna be quite difficult (also considering that i've never made one before =  ='')

demo ne, the most awesome thing is that this year RIIDA'S BIRTHDAY IS ON THE SAME DAY AS THANKSGIVING!!!!!! XDDDD
i'll be celebrating in my own way n i'll feel like everyone else is celebrating our beloved ohno-san's birthday with me x]

anyways, back on track:
i haven't updated the blog in a while cuz... well... i've been busy.....? (beating myself up for coming up with such a lame excuse)

so, some things that i've been doing since the last time i updated:
1. i literally spend hours on youtube everyday just watching all the ARASHI love :)
2. i've srsly fallen in luv with the Yama pair (too bakawaii <3)
3. watched Maou again (they're showing it on sunday nights 9pm to 10pm pacific time on channel 18.2, but i missed the previous episode so i watched the repeat on monday, 5pm to 6pm, ptz)
4. watched all the new My Girl (the one with Aiba-chan, of course) n LOVED IT and the theme song, also called My Girl
5. watched all the 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku (Guest of Room 0, starring Oh-chan) n found it ridiculously awesome (a little too short, tho) n fell in luv with Oh-chan all over again <3 n is HEAD OVER HEELS over the theme song, Tokei Jikake no Umbrella <3<3<3
6. found a ton of video clips on youtube where some of my awesome ARASHI moment pics came from <3 (took a while tho)
7. is still looking for the VS Arashi episode with Ikuta Toma-kun..... or the one with Chinen-chan...
8. sorta stopped watching ARASHI shows at 3am in the morning because my body won't allow it anymore

AND some other minor stuff such as completeing some of my fav manga series, taking the SAT, listening to my friend's ridiculous story about the crazy concert that she just went to on friday, 11/20, and how she's falling out of her reita-phase, waiting for SAT results, etc., etc., etc.....

anyways, i wanna make sure that Oh-chan's birthday will be extra special since it's the 1st ARASHI birthday that i'll be celebrating since becoming a fan-fan XD (JunJun's bday doesn't really count because i was only addicted to Riida at the time, not the group as a whole)

so, just in case i don't make it in time to give a bday shout-out to my beloved Ohno Satoshi-sama,

-end of post 10-