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18 September 2009

180909 VS Arashi :) priceless moments

***edited september 21, 10:40 pm***
i rewatched the uploads of this episode of VS Arashi on youtube. VS Arashi will NOT be shown at the same time as the one i listed below!!!!! i think the next show is going to be on october 22 @ 7pm, Fuji TV (again, japanese time) but i'm not sure yet. as soon as i find out i will post the time again :)

i just finished watching this week's VS Arashi (the japanese airing just ended 4 minutes ago).

this time they replayed the strengths of each member and Matsujun's weakness.
Ohno and Matsumoto are really good with the Falling Pipes, but Junjun SUCKS (no offense at all, but the replay was hilariously priceless) at the Golf. his first swing wasn't detected at all and on his second swing he knocked over the hidden camara. XD then the other member ran over to the poor little camara, stared at it, and yelled, "Daijoubu? Daijoubu?" XD (their expressions were too adorable <3<3<3)

it's such a shame that i missed the 1st 10 minutes of the show.... DX i will try hard to keep up to date with the ARASHI shows that i watch : )

ps. fyi, it's for those who are interested in the show time, VS Arashi is on Fuji TV every Saturday, from 12:59 PM to 1:30 PM (japanese time). for the other show times, please refer to winkychan's post on livejournal (click here for link to the show times). you can download the keyhole tv program and it allows you to watch japanese shows as they stream in japan : ) (which is what i just did) all the information is on winkychan's lj so please go check it out!!! <3

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