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02 June 2010

hiatus again XP

ahhh i seriously need to keep up the updates....
anyways, wow. i had no clue that other people actually read this XDDD. but now that i have readers, i must work even harder!!! :D

ARASHI's Monster single is out!!! well it's been out for a while now but it's still great news. so great that i couldn't resist buying one myself x) it did (well, it's actually still doing) very well!! 232,045 copies sold on the first day!!!
bigger news!!! ARASHI is going to have ANOTHER single out soon, on July 7, 10!!! it's called To Be Free. for those who haven't heard it before, here's a link (click here! :D) the song, To Be Free was used in Sho-kun's Mitsuya Cider CM in March. this single will ONLY HAVE ONE VERSION!!!! no limited/regular edition what-so-ever!!!! it's only one track, To Be Free, plus the karaoke version and a DVD of the PV!
Nino-chan's Gantz with Matsuyama Ken'ichi-san is going to be a two-part movie. the first part will be released spring of 2011
Kaibutsu-kun is great. i am speechless. DramaCrazy has the english subbed episodes up, if anyone is interested. Riida's acting blew me away once again. (;
Nino-chan's birthday is coming up!!! :D just search on Facebook and you'll find a bunch of pages getting ready to celebrate ARASHI's brat's 27th birthday. 27? really? wow.

some other non-ARASHI  JE news!!!
KAT-TUN's Going is out.
Akanishi Jin's solo-con in USA is starting soon, on June 19-20, 10 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.
Kanjani8's Wonderful World single is going to be out on June 30, 10.
lastly, Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8) 's mother passed away on May 16, 10 at 11:51 PM of what is now believed as a heart attack.  Yoko-chan wrote a song for his mom, entitled Onigishi. whatever religion you believe in, please just take a moment to pray for him. it's so hard to imagine such tragedy befall such a happy person. ):

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