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08 January 2010


YATTA!!!!! for the 1st time since V no Arashi, the boys will be starring in a new drama ALL TOGETHER!!!! the new drama is called 最後の約束 (Saigo no Yakusoku/ Last Promise) and is starting on january 9, 2010, from 9pm to 11:10pm (japanese time) on fuji tv. my time zone is the pacific time zone, and i am planning on watching it as it is being broadcasted in japan, which is at 4am to 6:10am, january 9th.

i bought a magazine with ARASHI on the cover the other day and they gave some descriptions of the drama in it as well. it seems REEEEALLY interesting, a mystery/action type, i think?
anyways, there's only about 4 hrs n 20 min until it starts so i'm going to get some sleep first. :)

if you are going to watch it as well, good luck on catching the time and enjoy!!! peace! v ^_^ v

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