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03 September 2009

Randomly Generated Questions About Arashi

1. What's Ohno Satoshi's opinion on cheese?

hmmm... i don't know.... instead of saying "cheese" to the camara, he'd most likely make an irresistably adorable face. in the case of foods, i'd imagine like almost everything else, he'd call it "UMAI~~" or "OISHI!"

2. Hot Aiba Masaki on Ninomiya Kazunari action - Yes/No?

but then again, i'd think that any ARASHI on another would cause severe fangirl nose bleed XD

3. Will Matsumoto Jun eat those green eggs and ham?

weeeeeeeeeeell, since they're not gelatin, i guess he'd give it a try. i mean, all the ARASHI DID eat dangerously odd stuff on A no Arashi.

4. Describe Ohno Satoshi in one word.


5. Would you marry Aiba Masaki?

of course! why not!!?? he's such a respectable man who puts in 120% effort into everything he does. besides that, Aiba-chan is also super kawaii~~ XD <3

6. Who would be a better superhero sidekick between Ninomiya Kazunari and Sakurai Sho, and why?

hmmmm... this is a tough one... i think ShoMan makes a better image than SuperNino, but i definitely can't imagine Nino being anyone's sidekick... at the same time Sho is more of a follower than Nino, so i'm gonna have to say Sho-kun. :)

7. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, Sakurai Sho or Matsumoto Jun?

this is haaaaaaaaaaaaaard ne~~~~ if i were stuck with Sho-kun, i think i'd be more of a baby-sitter, whereas if i were stuck with Matsujun, i'd be the one being taken care of and protected. :) soooooooooooooo difficult!!!! i really can't choose!!! IT'S A TIE!!!!!! (it's gonna be awesome either way, anyways XD)

8. Do you think Ninomiya Kazunari is a virgin?
oh my.... another overrated question..... hmmmm, i wonder.... i'd guess...... yes? he looks a little too innocent to have done anything that errotic. but then again, if it were with another ARASHI....... XD

9. How would Sakurai Sho insult Ninomiya Kazunari?

insult? i guess Sho'd call Nino a game otaku or burger hands, but the former wouldn't really be much of an insult cuz Nino-chan already admitted it and it's very true and as for the latter, i heard that Nino-chan has already gotten over hating his cute chubby round burger hands. :P but i think it is more likely that Nino-chan would tease Sho-kun. XD

10. What is Matsumoto Jun's favorite TV show or movie?

awwwwww this is hard D: i don't know if Matsujun watch his own shows and movies..... but i do know that he admires Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Spacey, Janet Jackson and Brad Pitt, so probably something starring these people? O-o (i'm sorry, Jun-jun!!!! i really don't know much about you!!!! TT_TT i feel like a failure...)

*hey hey hey!!! these questions were randomized by this website. it told me to put down names of 10 of my friends, but well, i'd very much like to be friends with ARASHI, so i put down each members' names down twice! XD

that was fun. i enjoyed answering these randomly, stupid, yet fascinating questions. :)

-end of post 5-

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